Ideal Host City

Shenzhen is China’s jewellery manufacturing hub. The city and its surrounding areas are home to around 3,600 jewellery manufacturers who produce more than 70 percent of the jewellery made in the mainland. Not only is Shenzhen the most important jewellery processing and production centre, it is also the country’s main wholesale market for jewellery. Such features make Shenzhen the ideal host for the China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Ideally Timed for Jewellery Buyers

Thousands of jewellers from around the world gather in Asia in spring to make their merchandising activities. The Shenzhen Fair’s April schedule makes it perfectly timed for traders to replenish their stock after a number of festivals and holidays.

Be in the Know -- China Jewellery Market Forum

Launched in 2014, the China Jewellery Market Forum centers on the Jewellery Parade, a platform for enterprises to launch new products and build brand image. Besides being an entertaining opportunity to preview trends, a series of forums and seminars also provide visitors unmatched opportunities to learn and understand the dynamics of China’s jewellery market. It also offers an ideal networking environment for attendees.

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