SHENZHEN - Your Prime Choice

The China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair – Shenzhen (Shenzhen Fair) will be held from 19 – 22 April 2018 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. UBM Asia’s global database of buyers and exhibitors, and industry support, has made the Shenzhen Fair the most important jewellery fair in Southern China. Over the past 15 years, the Shenzhen Fair has provided participants a comprehensive platform where they could buy and sell jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, pearls and other jewellery-related merchandise. An exciting lineup of social and educational events has also allowed participants to expand their networks and update themselves with the latest market intelligence. At this year’s edition, participants can expect the same valueadded features from the fair. The central attraction are the 330-plus exhibitors from 13 countries and regions, including: Belgium, mainland China, India, Korea, Lithuania, Nepal, Poland, Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.


Ideal Host City

Shenzhen is China’s jewellery manufacturing hub. The city and its surrounding areas are home to around 3,600 jewellery manufacturers who produce more than 70 percent of the jewellery made in the mainland. Not only is Shenzhen the most important jewellery processing and production centre, it is also the country’s main wholesale market for jewellery. Such features make Shenzhen the ideal host for the China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Ideally timed for replenishing inventory

Thousands of jewellers from around the world gather in Asia in spring to make their merchandising activities. The Shenzhen Fair’s April schedule makes it perfectly timed for traders to replenish their stock after a number of festivals and holidays.

Be in the Know – China Jewellery Market Summit

Co-organised by the Shenzhen Fair and CJNA, the China Jewellery Market Summit within the Shenzhen Fair provides a forum where local retailers can learn and understand the dynamics of China’s jewellery market. More importantly, they will learn through thoughtful discussions with market experts the potential solutions to some of the challenges facing retailers. Another feature of the Summit are the jewellery parades; they not only offer exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their new collections, but also build brand recognition. In 2016, the Summit welcomed over 500 guests, including regional jewellery retailers in China, as well as local and overseas media representatives.